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Waterless and chemical free formulations inspired by nature in all of its bounties

Anti-Stain Turmeric Skin Care Range

Chemical Free • Cruelty Free • Vegetarian Friendly

Bespoke skincare inspired by Ayurveda

For Acne Prone Skin

At Nothing Fancy Skin you will find handmade skincare products and discover the turmeric benefits for skin. In Aotearoa, we are the home of turmeric skincare products – made right here in New Zealand. We formulate our products using plant based and all natural ingredients that are chemical and toxin free.

Nothing Fancy Skin is a bespoke, artisan skincare range  where my vision is to awaken your senses to the powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits of turmeric in skin care where you can support your skin’s health naturally. The use of turmeric to heal skin as well as the use of turmeric for body care is an age old Ayurveda practice.

Like its name, Nothing Fancy Skin is about using ingredients that are 100% plant based that are naturally healing and a synthetic free skincare offering.  We are proud to produce handmade skincare products made right here in New Zealand. Each product is handcrafted, waterless, and is 100% chemical and toxin free.  

Our products will not stain your skin as we formulate it with just the right amount of anti-stain, undyed turmeric. Read more about our anti-stain turmeric here.

If you have previously tried turmeric face masks using turmeric from your pantries, we recommend you give our Nothing Fancy Masks a try to see the differences for yourself. 

We Give Back

We are proud to be a community supporter for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. 10% of all our sales go towards this cause that supports patients, their families and funds raised go towards ground breaking research on Breast Cancer.


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