Aarti's Story

Our masks do not appear smooth like a clay or cream based mask, due to the active granules present in the ingredients. These allow for greater exfoliation, so you can also use it as a scrub.

I've always been passionate about health, beauty and self-care. In my pursuit of clear and smooth skin, I have tried everything from AHA based glycolic acid peels to microdermabrasion and regular, expensive facials.

But it all came at a cost, either the financial cost hurt my purse strings, or the effect of microdermabrasion and peels  impacted my skin to feel raw and tingly after and also the limitation of not going about my normal day to day post treatment such as going in the sun afterwards.

My interest in acne skincare arose out of a turbulent few years in my teens and early adolescence where I struggled with severe acne and despite all the avenues open to me such as a change in my diet and changing  my skincare routine, I did not experience any success. As a last minute option, I consulted a dermatologist who prescribed Roaccutane. This was worse for me than anything else I could have done to care for my skin. I literally dried from the inside out, I was constantly thirsty, had constantly raw, red lips and sometimes went 7-10 days without having any need to wash my hair as my scalp never got oily.

As an 18 year old, going on the oral contraceptive pill contravened my mother's strict Hindu upbringing of me. However, my mother also saw the effect of the prescribed drug on me, my skin and my body. One day I happened to be at a doctors consultation when I casually inquired about going on the pill to cure my acne as by now I had some inkling that my acne was hormonal. I walked out with a prescription for the pill, Diane 35 - in those days. I couldn't believe how easy it was. What 18 months of Roaccutane could not clear up, the contraceptive pill did in less than 4 weeks.

However, what I was left with was the legacy of my bad acne - a lot of scars and marks. I have since spent many years looking for the perfect product to overcome and lighten my scars. I have tried very expensive products and brands and at the same time wondered about what I was putting on my skin, knowing that it is a known fact that most of what goes on our skin is absorbed into our bodies and bloodstream (think Nicotine and birth control patches).

It was then that a few years back I attended a friend's Hindu wedding and reflected on a cultural practice that forms part of every Hindu wedding ceremony where the bride and groom are prepared for their wedding day  by having turmeric paste smeared on their face, neck and other parts of their body to make their skin vibrant and glowing for their big day.  If you travelled to India, you will observe Indian women who don't have a lot of money, but beautiful skin that glows, who practice to this day, the ancient Ayurvedic practice of using turmeric for face and skin.

As I age and mature, it becomes more of a focus for me to have awareness of my environment and what goes into my body, to eliminate harmful chemicals and additives from my skincare regime and to revisit an age-old practice that Indian women and other women in Eastern and Middle Eastern society have practiced for many years - and this is what has given birth to my 3rd baby (I already have two boys) - known as Nothing Fancy. 

So to end this very long, (but it had to be to give you some insight), whether you are carrying baggage and scars from acne, and are seeking a natural treatment for acne scars or if  you are seeking a more natural and powerful anti-inflammatory option – then try Nothing Fancy skin.


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