The benefits of powder based, dry skin masks

The modern woman in today’s society is undergoing a significant transition in profile and status to her male counterparts. Her employment prospects are high, and she is highly educated  - almost parallel to men. As a result, her life is busier, her need for choice and autonomy is higher, but her overall investment in herself and her self-care is so much more  compromised and neglected.  The mental stressors of modern everyday lifestyle can trigger an even greater need to invest in self-preservation.  A busy and stressful lifestyle also leads to many skin ailments including breakouts, redness, ageing and fine lines.

The Nothing Fancy Skin Turmeric Face Masks were developed with the busy woman in mind to target her needs around having a changeable and variable product that gives her the choice in how she applies it.  The most noticeable properties of our masks include the fact that they are waterless and come in powder form.  This gives the consumer greater diversity of choice in how to blend and use these natural products. The modern consumer does not want to be stuck with one product, instead they want a versatile product where they can have choice.

The benefits of powder- based skin masks include:

Versatility – a powder-based skin care mask offers the consumer choice in the actives that they choose to mix their powdered mask with. Our masks pair beautifully with Natural Greek Yoghurt, Coconut Oil, Honey, Rosewater, Green Tea, Match Tea, Lemon Juice or Water. My favourite is a concoction made with 20mls of green tea, mixed with 1 teaspoon of manuka honey added to my powder base.For all types of Skin – The beauty of a powdered face mask means that all skin types can use the mask by opting to mix it with an active that will suit their particular skin type.

An All-Natural Offering – Chances are that if you have a powdered product on your bathroom shelf, it is most likely waterless, therefore it is quite highly probable that it is preservative and chemical free. It is great for those wanting to take up an all-natural solution in their skincare regime.
The option of Vegan Skincare – our products are created to provide the consumer of the choice to keep it all vegan if they wished. Rosewater or Green tea alone are just as effective as an active agent such as Greek yoghurt or honey.

Greater Exfoliation – Powder masks offer greater exfoliation properties then cream or clay-based masks. This is due to the fact that when the product is being massaged onto the skin, the active granules can exfoliate the dead skin cells without further irritating the skin.

More Economical - As a result of their exfoliating abilities, powder-based masks are more cost effective then other masks as you do not need to invest in separate scrubs to exfoliate. One product can achieve all the results that you desire.

Powder based masks have been around for hundreds of years, particularly in Eastern and Indian beauty rituals. In today's modern world the bespoke skincare innovators recognise the value of an offering that is versatile to the consumer and provides a truly customised skin care solution.


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