How a night time facial oil can support your skin

Oil has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic healing in a variety of ways, such as in a dietary manner, raw consumption, Ayurvedic massage, facial and skin hydration, colon cleansing and nasal passage nourishment as well.         

We see the value and healing power of a facial oil as a topical healing product to nourish the skin with high and essential fatty acids that may be lacking from a modern nuclear diet. 

Environmental factors such as our greater exposure to UV radiation, dehydration of the skin from increased coffee consumption, cooling and heating in our living environment all further compromise the nourishment of our skin. 

The use of a facial oil as part of your daily skincare routine can help to feed, reinvigorate and replenish the skin. 

The oils that I choose to formulate my Overnight Rejuvenation Facial Oil have been carefully selected for their beneficial properties for skin and nourishing healing. 

Macadamia Oil –  I chose macadamia oil as a base oil for this product as my research into this oil shows that it helps to reduce water loss and restore the skin’s barrier function. It is high in monounsaturated fatty acids  - including Oleic Acid. These have properties that are highly moisturising and regenerating therefore are an excellent choice for mature skin.

Sweet Almond Oil – Just as eating almonds is highly nutriitional for our internal bodies, the oil of it is just as nutritional for our skin, protecting skin from UV damage and it is packed with Vitamin E to assist in smoothing lines and healing dry skin.

Argan Oil – Argan has long been hailed as a treatment oil to support hair health. It also has great benefits for skin health due to it’s properties as a powerful antioxidant, it is also high in Vitamin E which is soothing and healing for inflammatory conditions and it also has some anti-ageing properties that makes it a great companion ingredient in this product.

Turmeric Oil – This is our liquid gold!! It is highly anti-inflammatory, and it will reduce acne scarring and brighten dark circles. Its antioxidant compound will work to reverse sun damage, therefore it is great for supporting skin’s elasticity.

Rose geranium essential Oil – I chose to add Rose Geranium Essential Oil to complete this facial oil so it would soften the harsh, woody scent of the turmeric oil. 


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