2019 - A Year in Review

With 2020 well underway, we wanted to reflect on the year that was 2019. On a personal front, it was THE most challenging year of my life.  But I want to share my appreciation for all the wonderful support I received to get through my personal battles and move Nothing Fancy Skin through a new era of connectedness and being visible into the consumer world.

Local Community Advocacy

We collaborated with the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, to become a very proud community sponsor for all that they do within the community to support women such as myself (and men)to make our world a more beautiful and kinder place to be in.


Within my women in business networks, I connected with amazing, supportive women, such as The World of Artemis Jones, Pinc and Documents by Design. These women truly are queens who help other queens wear their crown higher with pride, kindness and support.

We are always looking for new stockists that might be in line with our values. We are more than happy to have you send our info along to shops where you would like to see us sitting pretty on shelves.


Our beautiful website was created by Catherine Watson – owner of Documents by Design. This was a major achievement – one where I am so pleased with the final result. Have you fully navigated your way around it yet? 

2020 Goals

My focus this year is to continue my journey in opening more minds around the benefits of turmeric for skin wellbeing. If you share our values and love our products, please share our social media channels with friends and family and help us grow by spreading the word about our products and help them to come to a wholesale retailer near you. We also love receiving your reviews and we hope to share them more on our website and social media handles.

We want to continue to educate ourselves on the benefits of turmeric for health and wellbeing and continue to innovate our range.

Best wishes to you for a clean, green skincare regime in 2020. 


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