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My Story

I founded Nothing Fancy Skin after years of battling adult acne and the legacy of my acne through the scars that were left behind. Nothing Fancy Skin is born out of observing and following the practices of the people from my culture and the practices and beliefs of Indians, arising out of Ayurveda, based on a range of remedies and inherited over hundreds of years.

My mission is to share with you what I have learnt from my culture in the hope that it will promote more consumer driven behaviour towards choosing natural products over chemically enhanced, modified and potentially environmentally unfriendly products. Some tried and tested practices remain to achieve mainstream acceptance in the west. However, turmeric remains to be natures gold that that is slowly emerging in acceptance from the West. Before western science validated turmeric’s many properties, followers of Ayurveda were using turmeric to heal many skin and body ailments and concerns.

Please know that when you purchase a Nothing Fancy Skin product, you are helping to fight the good fight against breast cancer as 10% from all sales go towards supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand. I am also a breast cancer survivor, and since my diagnosis, it has become even more important for me to choose carefully what i put on my skin and to make the switch to all natural and toxin free beauty. 

Our Core Ingredient - Turmeric

All of our products are handcrafted and we follow strict standards and guidelines for quality, purity and prevention of contamination.

Our facial masks come in powder form, are waterless and do not contain any water therefore eliminate any need for synthetics or additives. Our facial oils and balms contain no water,  therefore removing the need for chemical preservatives.

Turmeric, belonging to the botanical genus of Curcuma, is one of about 50 different species of turmeric that is around. At the heart of our Nothing Fancy Skin products is our hero ingredient, Wild Turmeric, botanically known as Curcuma Aromatica or known in India as Kasturi Manjal Powder that is the ingredient base used in all of our turmeric face mask products.

Wild Turmeric is the turmeric that is most  traditionally used in skincare and cosmetics for it's highly potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing skin properties. It is also a lighter grade turmeric, less flamboyant in colour that does not stain your skin – contrary to popular belief. It's counter-part, the other food grade spice Turmeric/botanically known as Curcuma Longa is brighter in colour, often with added dyes and is used in food and cooking.

Wild Turmeric also lightens skin (contrary to popular misconception about this super spice), lightens acne scars naturally and helps in the good fight against acne.

We Give Back

We are proud to be a community supporter for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. 10% of all our sales go towards this cause that supports patients, their families and funds raised go towards ground breaking research on Breast Cancer.


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