Calendula and Turmeric Healing Balm

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Introducing our Calendula and Turmeric Healing Balm. Perfect for dry or irritated skin including “gardeners hands". Soothes and repairs - in our family, it’s a great go to balm for what we call the “sibling scraps”, where one party ends up with scratched up and broken skin. A perfect little pot for your first aid box to heal minor skin irritations - with all natural ingredients!!! 

Made lovingly with plant powered ingredients -  nourishing and healing multi purpose  blend of sweet almond, shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, calendula and turmeric oils - combined into a balm will sooth and lock in your skin's  natural moisture and it is great for regular use for problem skin conditions.

60g jar is only $20 for a limited time only

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